Alison Gillespie


Washington, DC

Alison Gillespie

I write about nature, urban ecology, green energy, farming and other environmental issues. I like to capture the moments when wildlife and people intersect in unexpected places. I also like making science topics accessible and easy-to-read. My award-winning book, Hives in the City, tells the story of urban beekeepers struggling to keep their bees alive in the Mid-Atlantic.


Bats in Paradise

For many in the Western world, the necklace of 27,000 islands stretching from the south of Asia eastward across the warm, sunny Pacific is the stuff of fantasy and escape, and the very definition of tropical paradise. Although often very small in size, these islands play a huge role in the realm of bats.
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Alison Gillespie

I live in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.

In addition to writing about science and the environment for various publications, I sometimes write copy for non-profit groups and a few select trade organizations.

My non-fiction book about urban beekeepers and their bees was published in 2014 and is for sale online and in select bookstores. You can find more details at the book's website:

Before going freelance I worked for several non-profit organizations, writing newsletter articles, annual reports, and press releases. I also maintained press databases and pitched stories to editors.

My blog,, provides practical advice for those who want to welcome wildlife to their own urban green spaces.

When not at my computer writing, I like to hike and explore the streams of Maryland. I am a passionate gardener who likes to watch the bees land on flower tops in the summer and the birds find berries in the winter. My ultimate gardening dream is to attract frogs and toads to my urban pond.

I'm eager to take on new freelance assignments, and available to give talks about my book.