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Washington, DC

Alison Gillespie

I write about nature, urban ecology, green energy, farming and other environmental issues. I like to capture the moments when wildlife and people intersect in unexpected places. I also like making science topics accessible and easy-to-read. My award-winning book, Hives in the City, tells the story of urban beekeepers struggling to keep their bees alive in the Mid-Atlantic.


DC's public aquarium now offers fishy birthday parties

There are a lot of people who think nothing is alive in the Anacostia, so it is fun to surprise visitors at the Aquatic Resources Education Center in southeast D.C. with facts about the river and its inhabitants, says Teresa Rodriguez. “Our challenge is to get the community to be aware we are here,” she adds.
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FAA gives approval to pesticide-spraying drone

In May, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced approval of the Yamaha Corporation’s RMAX, a remotely piloted helicopter that can apply pesticides in hard-to-reach agricultural locations such as hilly vineyards.
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Connecting in the City of Trees

Things have changed a lot since author Melanie Choukas-Bradley first arrived in Washington, DC back in the late 1970s. There are fewer old trees in some neighborhoods now. But there are more tree lovers. “In 1977 I felt like this lone bud watcher,” Choukas-Bradley told the crowd which had packed the auditorium of DC’s Carnegie Institute for Science on March 25.
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Cash Offered for Mason Bee Cocoons

As concerns grow over the health of honeybees in the US, pressure is mounting to find reliable alternatives for pollinating crops such as almonds, berries, and apples. This fall, one company in the Pacific Northwest even began offering money to anyone who could provide excess mason bee (Osmia lignaria) cocoons. But experts caution that...
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Pollution Reporting a Snap with new App

One of the biggest challenges for those trying to manage or protect rivers has always been identifying pollution problems as they occur – people will sometimes observe illegal dumping, for example, but may not have a way to report it quickly and accurately. Now, a team working in the Shenandoah River and Potomac River watersheds in the eastern US has developed an app...
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New Bat Guano Mining Guidelines Drafted

Because bat guano makes a rich fertilizer that is prized by farmers, quiet caves with unique and fragile ecosystems often become targets for those willing to wield shovels in the pursuit of quick cash. Now, a team of conservation biologists has drafted a set of working guidelines that they hope could eventually be used to improve the sustainability of guano mining in many locations by reducing its negative impacts.
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Dam Removal Gets Easier in MA

A new law promises to make it much easier to remove a dam.
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Are Giant Wind Turbines Better?

The wind industry is growing, and so are measurements of the turbines used to produce electricity.
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Power Through Osmosis

Norway begins producing energy through a method that sounds like science fiction.
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Alison Gillespie

I live in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.

In addition to writing about science and the environment for various publications, I sometimes write copy for non-profit groups and a few select trade organizations.

My non-fiction book about urban beekeepers and their bees was published in 2014 and is for sale online and in select bookstores. You can find more details at the book's website:

Before going freelance I worked for several non-profit organizations, writing newsletter articles, annual reports, and press releases. I also maintained press databases and pitched stories to editors.

My blog,, provides practical advice for those who want to welcome wildlife to their own urban green spaces.

When not at my computer writing, I like to hike and explore the streams of Maryland. I am a passionate gardener who likes to watch the bees land on flower tops in the summer and the birds find berries in the winter. My ultimate gardening dream is to attract frogs and toads to my urban pond.

I'm eager to take on new freelance assignments, and available to give talks about my book.