Alison Gillespie


Washington, DC

Alison Gillespie

As a freelance reporter, writer and editor I will happily cover almost anything, although I specialize in biology, environmental science and chemistry. I really like to make complicated topics accessible and easy-to-read. My award-winning book, Hives in the City, tells the story of urban beekeepers struggling to keep their bees alive in the Mid-Atlantic.


Putting Rural Schools to the Test

Bandwidth demands in the current test-heavy climate are challenging rural-school administrators. How can your telco help students succeed?
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Giga-Gobbledygook: Overcoming Customer Confusion About Gig Services

Rural telecom companies discuss educating customers about their choices.
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Rebranding as You Move Toward a Broadband Future

Rebranding doesn't just mean a new name. Externally, it can mean reassuring your customers and enticing them to stick around as you grow. Internally it can demand a new approach to customer service and staff management. Learn about the challenges telcos have faced as they've changed their brands to better fit a broadband future.
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Making the Call to Upgrade

Rather than letting equipment upgrades become a point of friction, many rural telcos find that helping customers understand the need to update their set-top boxes, modems, routers or even their computers can provide an opportunity to build trust and highlight personalized customer service.
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Alison Gillespie

I live in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.

In addition to writing about science and the environment for various publications, I sometimes write copy for non-profit groups and a few select trade organizations.

My non-fiction book about urban beekeepers and their bees was published in 2014 and is for sale online and in select bookstores. You can find more details at the book's website:

Before going freelance I worked for several non-profit organizations, writing newsletter articles, annual reports, and press releases. I also maintained press databases and pitched stories to editors.

When not at my computer writing, I like to hike and explore the streams of Maryland. I am a passionate gardener who likes to watch the bees land on flower tops in the summer and the birds find berries in the winter. My ultimate gardening dream is to attract frogs and toads to my urban pond.

I'm eager to take on new freelance assignments, and available to give talks about my book.